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See? It can be done!

After the fiasco that was the Pepsi/Jenner attempt at a message of social inclusion and tolerance, it’s too easy to assume that big marketers shouldn’t even attempt to play in that space.
How timely that Heineken should come along and show us that it can be done, and done really well.
Suck on that, as it were!
It’s not about Trump

It’s not about Trump

There’s enough Trump commentary out there already – we don’t need to add to it.
This is about creativity.
Often, the best ideas are completely lateral.
(As in, “Where did that come from?”)
The trick is to recognise them when you see them, and understand the value they can produce.
Then go for it.

A lateral way to shift smokers’ attitudes

A lateral way to shift smokers’ attitudes

We read that Sweden has the lowest rate of smoking in the world. Only 11% of adults smoke.

(Having said that, roughly 20% of people use snus, which is like chewing tobacco.)
So, a very low smoking rate – maybe because of initiatives like this one.
This is inventive, newsworthy stuff. It will “keep the pressure on” – keep the issue current.
Will it drive further dramatic change? Probably not.
But we think it’s persuasive in a subtler way.
Smokers will enjoy being reminded that they should give up.
…and that makes a nice change.

Amazon Go is coming

Amazon Go is coming

The most consistently underrated tech giant is about to do it again.
A supermarket with no queues. Just grab and go.
(And then there’s the data it generates, of course….)



This is a terrific spot.

It’s a great example of how a constraint in the brief can lead to a great idea. Which is so often the case: it’s a fallacy that the best briefs are wide open, with no limits. Far better to be able to focus your creative energies within a defined area. The constraints often form the bass of the idea itself.
As this spot very ably demonstrates.
Evolution of the Desk

Evolution of the Desk

The history of the computer, and what it’s done to our desktops.


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Unique fingerprint inspires winning app design

Unique fingerprint inspires winning app design


Did you know wood possesses qualities that are almost as unique as fingerprints? It was this insight that led HBT to create an app which received two awards in the Design 100 2015 App Design Awards, announced this week.

Australia’s most innovative woodcare brand, Intergrain, tasked HBT with creating an app that catered to both the design professional and the DIY ace, by taking the guesswork out of timber related projects.

To bring this to life, we collaborated with our digital team to create innovative Visualiser technology, which is a key factor to why the Intergrain Timber Finishes app is so different to anything else on the market.

The technology allows users to preview how a finish will appear on any timber surface – before even starting a project, completely revolutionising the whole selection process.Not dissimilar to choosing a paint colour, people have a finish and a look in mind before they start a project. But unlike paint, there are endless possibilities and variances involved in timber products, which determine what the final end result will look like.

The Intergrain Timber Finishes app takes all these factors into consideration to deliver an incredibly accurate visual – whether interior or exterior, clears, stains or oils – the user will feel confident that they’ll be able to achieve their desired look.

Read more about this award-winning app here.